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Miniprofiler and QUnit in ASP.MVC

Miniprofiler and QUnit are simple DLL, JS and CSS files that can be added to an ASP.MVC project to identify trouble spots in a project such as server side functions that run longer than anticipated or intermittent JS errors/warnings that show up in browsers' consoles. Miniprofiler - keeps track of the amount of time functions in an ASP.MVC source code take to execute and displays the results on a browser. I have found that functions that take longer to execute are good candidates for refactoring. To add Miniprofiler: Use Package Manager to add references to Miniprofiler in your project PM> Install-Package MiniProfiler Update Global.asax file as follows (this is for making the library available globally in your project) using StackExchange.Profiling; and protected void Application_BeginRequest() { if (Request.IsLocal) { MiniProfiler.Start(); } } protected void Application_EndRequest() { MiniProfiler.Stop(); } Add the following one li