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Pre-fetching CDN calls

Pre-fetching has been around for  some time now  and is often used to load images and CSS files.  While your mileage may vary, you can also pre-fetch your CDN calls (e.g. Jquery) and make your apps a bit faster by loading scripts in the <head> section to load JS calls before your <script> get resolved by browsers. You can also CDN outage proof it (when it  rarely happens ) by having local JS libraries (for rainy days) using some quick jquery checks (based on code from + Hanselman ) Testing Without pre-fetch: Code Snippet < script src ="//"></ script > < script >      if ( typeof jQuery == 'undefined' ) {         document.write(unescape( "%3Cscript src='[yourlocalbackupjqueryfile].js' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E" ));     }      var startTime = new Date();     jQuery.ready();      var endTime = new Date();      var dif