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Upgrading from Angular 1.0 to 1.2

One of the projects I recently worked on required an upgrade from Angular 1.0 to 1.2.  The upgrade was not a result of Angular 1.0 limitations (in terms business needs), version 1.0 works just fine; however, Angular 1.0 is an experimental release and chances of running into already known and less desirable issues was very likely without moving to a stable version of Angular. Here are the steps that I took to rewrite the application JS functions to work with Angular 1.2. Caveat:  Folks at Angular have migration guideline documentation here -  - the steps I outlined below only deal with updates to a specific application (Angular 1.0 running with WCF web services), you might want to review the migration guideline document if you run into any issues after your application upgrade. Steps Take the plunge  – remove references to Angular 1.0 and replace them with Angular 1.2. You will need two JS references for Angular instead of one. < sc